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System Architecture

External (p2p network):
  • discovers and connects to other nodes
  • send and receive messages to and from other nodes
  • exposes RPC to pool software and to mAPI
  • optional REST Interface can be enabled
External (stratum protocol):
  • exposed API for ASIC Miners to connect and start mining block headers
  • send jobs to ASIC Miners
  • receive valid shares or valid block headers
Internal (MinerID):
  • request coinbase document from MinerID in order to include it in coinbase transaction
  • receive signed coinbase document (or coinbase2) from MinerID
External (mAPI public interface):
  • expose mAPI calls to the public to advertise fee quote as well as receive transactions
  • accept callback registrations for event notifications
  • respond with fee quote and transaction responses (and Merkle Proofs)
Internal (Bitcoind RPC):
  • connect to Bitcoind RPC to submit transactions
  • receive transaction response (eg. txid)
  • provide event notifications for double spends and Merkle Proofs.